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How to restrict directory access by IP address?

If you feel that your admin area are not secure from hackers, we recommend you to restrict directory access by IP and give permission only some of your personal IP’s to your Administration directory files. You should be creating a new file in your directory named “.htaccess” where you change the preferences of your IP Address.

In file manager click on setting button to access htaccess file.

restrict directory access by IP
  • This dialog box appear in front of you. enable the checkbox and click the save button.

restrict directory access by IP

  • Let’s suppose, you already have saved a WordPress Article on your file Directory, which is named as Now add this text “/wp-admin/.htaccess” to htaccess file in your file directory. Now you need to apply this code in your new file.

order deny, allow

deny from all

allow from Your New IP-Address(192.-.-.-)

Remove your old IP-Address and enter new IP-Address (allow from Your New IP-Address).

Now you can check with any new IP-Address which has not applicable by your .htaccess file. Is it give you access to your file /wp-admin directory?

Thats it! If you want to read to blacklist IP in cpanel then click here IP Blacklist. Read check disk usage in cpanel or for server solution or web hosting visit