Abuse Complaints

where and How can I submit abuse complaints?

Some domains and websites have a bad habit sending spam emails. You should immediately report the issue to the email service provider that they are sending the spam emails. You should also look for the IP address that was used to send the email and report it.

Spam: If you are not sure about how to proceed or do not have enough knowledge to read the email headers, you can contact us by submitting a ticket to the Abuse department. We will help you by interpreting the matter in all way.

In case if the domain or website is using a third-party email service, we cannot help you because we do not have access to their servers. At the time of reporting a spam domain or email, please ensure that you are providing the full text of the email.

Phishing: We all are aware of one fake website which looks disturbingly real but in actual it is not original. These fake websites are just to gain the sensitive information of the users, such as usernames, passwords, credit card details. You must have to report if you see such activity by submitting a ticket to the Domains – Abuse department.

While submitting the ticket, must attach the screenshot of the website and other related details about the attack, so it helps us in investigation.

Copyright infringement: If you visit a website that has content which in actual belongs to you than you have to submit a DMCA-compatible notice to the Domains – Abuse department.

You have to ensure that your ticket contain all the requirements that are necessary for the DMCA.

Another thing that you must have to do in such situation is to contact the owner of the domain directly. You can find out the email of the domain owner by using any Whois tool. In case if details are hidden, you can send the email to the protected email address, it will automatically have forwarded to the domain holder.

Fraud Scheme: When you become a victim of an internet crime, or if you found someone involved in crime then you have to file a complaint through the Internet Crime Complaint Center at https://complaint.ic3.gov.

You can also contact your lawyer(s) or other local authorities in order to resolved issue in a systematic manner. Our team will cooperate with you in the investigation.

Child pornography: Child pornography issues require the immediate action. If any of domain which is registered with us involved in such issue and you found it than you must have to submit a ticket to Domains – Abuse department.

Malware: In case the site that is pushing out malware is hosted with us, please must submit a ticket to the Hosting – Legal and Abuse department so that the issue is resolved as early as possible.

Trademark infringement: If The domain that is registered with Layer WebHost contains a word or a combination of words that you have the trademark rights, please submit a ticket to Domains – Legal and Abuse department for all further assistance to resolve this matter. 

Invalid Whois details: If you find the contact information of any domain (registered with us) not authentic, please submit a ticket to the Domains – Abuse department.

If you found documents that are yours or not the ones that you control, please report them by attaching the documents confirming your identity along with the ticket.

These documents can include any photograph of a government identity that could include your passport, driving license, or it could be any utility bill that has your name and address on it.

One thing must keep in mind that issues reviewed by the Legal and Abuse department can be resolved only by submitting a ticket.

At the time of reporting issue, must convey all the knowledge you have about the issue, please continue the conversation through the open ticket. The response time for any ticket is usually 2 hours. it does not mean that the issue will be resolved in two hours.

Its only means that the issue will be brought to our notice within the said time frame. The resolution of the ticket will depend on the case and the type of the issue. If issue is major, it may take time to resolve.

We always appreciate your action and patience in reporting any issue. It helps us make the internet a better place.

If you do not want to go through the ticket, you can send us an email to [email protected] directly, must give all the details of the problem or issue within the email.