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How to update DNS Nameserver of

When you buy a new web hosting account from our side, we will send you a Welcome Email, which we added with some “name server”. You need to remove your DNS (domain name server) and insert our new name server. This tutorial able you to update DNS Nameserver of If your domain is already affiliated with, then you need to follow these steps to Delete the NameServer of your Domain and add our new NameServer.
  • First sign in to “”.
  • After signed in, you need to press the icon “Menu”.
  • At his right side, a new web page will be shown, you need for press the button “Manage Domains”
to update DNS Nameserver of
  • In the list, select a domain name you want to update.
to update DNS Nameserver of
  • Now, you can find the “General” area at the left top side and select the option “Transfer DNS to Webhost” in his list.
to update DNS Nameserver of
  • Now you need to select the radio button “Specify Custom DNS Servers (Your own DNS Servers)” in all of the options and add your DNS servers in the textfield which you want to update.
  • Press the “save buttons” for apply these changes.
to update DNS Nameserver of
  • All done. If you want read how to park domain then click the link Domain Park.