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How to Create Account Level/Global Email Filter in cPanel?

It’s difficult to stop all the spam e-mails. But you can filter/scan it, discard/cancel it, change its directory at the back end. This article help you to create Account Level/Global Email Filter.
  • Firs, you need to signed in to your account.
  • Now, you find the Email” area and select the Apache SpamAssassin” text or click this icon shown in the given below.
Account Level/Global Email Filter
  • Press the “Create a New Filter” button for custom scanning.
  • Now add the name of your Filter in the given textfield.
  • In Term and Conditions, you can filter/scan Email with many options, filter an Email which contains a word like “Lottery” or other words, then select Contains under the 2nd dropdown list of Rules, select “Body” from the 1st dropdown list.
Account Level/Global Email Filter
  • Select “Discard Message” option form the dropdown list of “Actions”.
  • At last, press the “Create” Button for filter all the Emails.
  • Thanks for reading if you want to read about to delete account level filter or know about email auto responder then visit Email Responder.